Friday, May 25, 2012

Parenting with Scripture

I know this is a homemaking/organization blog, but I enjoy sharing other facets of my life with you.  As you know, I am a Christian who loves the Lord and desires greatly to live my life serving Him and growing in Him.  One of my biggest visions for my children is to have a strong solid Biblical foundation in their lives (Deut 6).  In order to do this, we use Scripture in our daily lives.  My friend, Holly, told me about a great resource called Parenting with Scripture.

It is a book that looks at nearly every topic of parenting issues (life issues) that will inevitably come up and gives a list of Scriptures that relate to that topic as well as questions to ask, practical application, and a prayer.  I love this!!!  It is great not just for parents, but for anyone who wants to know what God's Word says about _________.  I intend to use it to give me a quick reference of Scripture when I can't think of one (or need more than I can think of).  I would recommend using it as more as a reference pointing you to the Scriptures in the Bible and going to the Bible to read from so that kids see you reading (or they read) straight from God's Word. 

I hope this helps!

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