Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who Knew?

Since I have been doubly pregnant, I haven't been able to keep up with everything like I normally try to. It's been quite frustrating for me as I am a "make a list, check off the list" type of person. I would still try to write a nice list for each day, but I slowly found myself marking less and less off each day. It got really annoying. Lately, I've barely been able to do anything minus making the bed, straightening things up, dishes, and wiping things down. I can do laundry, but I struggle with the getting it from bins and putting it away.

Well last week, Lee and I were having my last baby shower at our house since the people coming hadn't seen our new house yet. We decided that I would do surfaces (dust, wipe down bathrooms, etc) and he would do floors (sweep, vacuum, mop) and straighten up (take things to the rooms they belong). Well, I ended up in Labor and Delivery for 6 hours on Saturday. I was instructed to put my feet up and drink water and to not do any housework. That might sound like fun to most people, but I have a tough time relaxing and not doing the things that I normally do.

Well Lee insisted that he take care of everything. I just had to let go and let him do it. The funny thing is, he did an amazing job. In fact, he cleans better than I do. He moved stuff when he vacuumed (I rarely do that), he dusted with real dust spray and a cloth (when I do dust, I use those Swiffer clothes), and he scrubbed the sinks and toilets (I usually use Lysol wipes and just wipe hard). I was very impressed and to be honest, very embarrassed that I had always insisted to do everything myself.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my "job" is to be a wife, mom, and homemaker. It gives me my confidence and my meaning (at least in the sense of a daily purpose like Lee gets from IBM). Plus I am really particular (okay anal) and I like things done a certain way. Well who knew that he could do it as good, if not better, than I do it? You learn something new everyday. ;)

It was really a comfort to know that 1) he is willing to do things that I normally do without a complaint and 2) he will do an awesome job. Now, I just have to realize that more people can do the same thing for me. That's the next step. ;) I have a feeling that God will use situations to help me learn that as well. He always does.


  1. What a great hubby!
    Be sure to rest up Mama, you want to keep those babies cooking and skip the NICU. Lots of water & rest. My twins were born in October 2009 t 38weeks, 2 days. I know that it is so hard to not do stuff but, you can do it!

  2. Thanks Accountant By Day! I definitely have figured out how to prioritize and sometimes prioritizing means sitting down and resting. The babies are our #1 priority right now - they can't take care of themselves. ;) Thanks for the encouragement and congrats on making it full term with your twins and almost a year. ;) I would love to hear all about it. If you would like to share, my email is

  3. Neat to see how well your pregnancy is progressing :) I left you a question under Payoff of freezer cooking Day #1, when you thaw all your meals and cook, is that with the foil on or without? Thanks! :)

  4. Hey Kelly! I'm sorry about that. I am not sure how to get notified if someone comments so I usually only see the most recent posts unless I go to a specific post and notice the comments. When I thaw the meals I keep the foil on, but I bake them with the foil off. I will say if you do the chicken pot pie, chicken stuffing pie, or garlic beef bake, after it thaws, pour off excess liquid and stir.

  5. Thanks!!!
    I made the baked ziti last night, it was great and my husband liked it!! :) lol