Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ways to Save $$$ on Formula

Even though I am exclusively breastfeeding or pumping and putting it into bottles (for feedings away from the house and night time feedings), I am already getting some formula. I nursed and pumped for Luke for 3 months and then went to formula, so I have it in my mind that I more than likely won't nurse/pump for a full year, so I am stocking up on formula when it is a good deal and/or I have a coupon/check voucher.

Here are my $$$ saving tips:

- Buy generic - I've heard that Target and Walmart brands are just as good as the name brands and save lots of money.

- Sign up for every brand of formula's samples, coupons and check vouchers - I signed up for the multiples program so I get double coupons (I don't have the heart to call and tell them I only have one baby plus I can use the extra coupons) - They send me coupons and/or check vouchers (sometimes for up to $11 off of any formula).

- Look for the deals and match with coupons/check vouchers when you have them - Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and Target run deals on formula frequently and they will take the coupons/check vouchers with them.

- Look for rebate programs - Enfamil has one right now that if you spend $40 in formula, you get a $15 rebate. I matched that with sales and check vouchers and got all of the formula for FREE.

- Know how much you want to pay per ounce and aim to only buy it at that price if possible.

- Have a budget for formula each month - I think with Luke we spent around $100. My goal if we go to exclusively formula will be $50 (but of course if Nathan needs it and we go over, I'll cut from somewhere else).

I hope these tips have helped.


  1. Great blog!

    Would most definitely be cheaper/more frugal to keep breastfeeding though, if you can! Good for the baby's immune system too! Although not everyone can, so good formula tips.

  2. Oh yes. I wanted to put that as a tip. Breastfeeding is definitely best for the baby and a great money saver, but if you have to use formula, I thought it would be good to know the tips. I hope to breastfeed or at least pump the whole year, but just in case I am buying ahead. I will donate it if I don't need it. I am glad you liked the tips. :)