Friday, April 2, 2010

Why I Must Be an Organized Homemaker

Okay, so I haven't felt like doing much of anything for the past 5+ weeks. Being pregnant with twins flat wears me out and the other symptoms make me not want to do what I usually do. I am the type or person that has to be organized or things either a) don't happen or b) happen but at the last minute and definitely not in the manner I would like.

Case in point that I must be organized:

I normally keep up with our checkbook a few times a week. It takes little to no time, but whenever I write a check, I enter it in and do the math. If we have an automated bill, I enter it in and do the math. If we get a paycheck, I enter it in and do the math. It is a very simple process and helps us know where we are at.

With my computer breaking over a month ago and then Lee's breaking this month, we didn't have access to our excel spreadsheets. I thought it would be fine since I physically pay (write a check or submit a payment online and have to reconcile the checkbook) on the first of the month as all the other bills are automated and we have the funds to cover it.

Not thinking about the fact that I haven't updated the checkbook in at least three weeks, I went to pay bills this morning. Like most people, the biggest percentage of our bills (mortgage, van, credit card, and a couple of other little things) happen on the first of the month. I paid everything but the credit card.

When I went to pay the credit card bill, I was short $200. I was freaking out. "How could we be short $200??? I mean we can move funds, but how is that possible? There should be about $1,500 not accounted for somewhere." Well I pulled up my bank account and saw lots more funds than what my checkbook showed.

It was then I realized I hadn't factored in a paycheck or about 3 weeks worth of bills. OOOOOOPS! So, I spent about 15 minutes entering in everything that I had missed and reconciling the account to find that I had a $1,300 extra after paying the credit card. I felt like a complete dummy, even though I knew the money had to be there, I couldn't find it.

Lesson learned:
Stay organized, especially on big things, like checkbook and bill-paying. It will save you time and a major headache. :)

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