Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am excited that Organized Homemaking now has 20 followers!!! I am not sure how many readers we have, but I know there are people reading that don't follow. It makes my heart so overjoyed to know that my little blog that I started just to help a few friends learn how to coupon has become a source of helpful information in all areas of homemaking.

It is my heart's desire that all women (and some men) that want to be organized homemakers can be. It took me years of messing up, trying again, messing up again, and trying again to finally figure out some really useful tips that make our home run more smoothly and I am happy to share them with anyone who wants to learn. I am happy that there are people who are enjoying the blog.

Thanks readers!

Now that I have been doing this for 6-7 months and seem to have a decent amount of people following the blog, I would love to know what you guys would like to see on here. If you could comment, that would be awesome. :)

What do you want to see more of or different things I haven't done before?


  1. Just more couponing or other unique ways to save money. And, some recipes for some common cheap items would be fun!

  2. I came across one of your blog entries when I was searching for some easy to freeze dinner recipes at thebump.com. One of the ladies had posted a link to your Freezer Friendly blog. I loved the rest of your posts so much that I followed you shortly thereafter. Thanks for having meaningful posts in a world of online blah!

  3. Thanks for the ideas and sweet comments guys. I really appreciate it. I am happy that some of the stuff I have learned and am sharing is helping others. I started the blog with that purpose. I am glad it has gone that way. I will definitely use your ideas. I love the idea for recipes with common cheap items. Any basics you would like to cover?

  4. I made your balsamic chicken, and my husband loved it! He'll eat just about anything, BUT, he'll always have a 'suggestion' of how to make it better 'next time'.. lol He ate it and had NO idea that the marinade wasn't the store-bought Grillmates that i usually buy. I'm trying out your chicken stuffing recipe tomorrow :) I like everything on your site and I like that you update it often. I'm due on 10/08 and right now am scrambling for recipes to freeze. My mom bought us an extra freezer (yay!) so i'm anxious to fill it up. One question though, after freezing these meals, how long do they keep? Thanks

  5. Kelly, you are so sweet. I am glad you like the blog. Sometimes I think I post too much, but I know that when I like a blog I love to see something daily. I am glad your husband liked the balsamic chicken. It's a great one. The chicken stuffing pie is also yummy. Tip: make sure you just put dry stuffing mix on. I cooked it the first time and it wasn't as good. The crunch is better IMO. That is cool that your mom got you a freezer. We bought one this summer and I am thrilled. I plan to eat our meals up and have a lot of space to (hopefully) freeze breastmilk. Once I see how much space we need for that, we will freezer cook again. My goal is to have at least one or two meals in the freezer to eat per week and cook the other nights. I made the meals 12 weeks ago and they are still going strong. I think a good freezer and great packaging is key. I am hoping they aren't freezer burned by the time we get through them (roughly 6 months). At the current moment, we are finishing up month 2, so I am hoping we eat the rest of the meals over the next 16 weeks (roughly through the end of the year). By then, our babies will be almost 3 months old so hopefully I can be back to a normal (well new normal) routine. I hope you get your meals done. If you are up for it, I recommend doing a good amount at once, but if you need to, do a recipe or two (with same type of stuff) a day and that way you can pace yourself. I would love to see how you do. If you can, write me about it and send pics and I will share it on the blog. ashley-webber@hotmail.com