Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Purpose Chicken in Crock Pot

I am officially in love with crock pot cooking. I love how I can dump stuff in and have a nice meal at the end of the day. I found today that it is great for what I am calling "all purpose chicken." I have a ton of recipes that call for cooked chicken and I generally boil it. I'll admit I don't boil it a super long time because quite frankly, I don't have time to watch a pot. I decided to do it in the crock pot. Here's how I did it:

I tossed in a couple pounds of frozen chicken breasts in the pot. I added 2 cups of water (1 cup per pound if you want more or less) and 2 boullion cubes (1 per pound if you want more or less). I cooked it on low for roughly 8 hours and drained off the liquid. The chicken literally was falling apart and looks awesome.

I am planning to use it in my chicken stuffing pie tonight. YUMMY!

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