Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Homeschooling – Kindergarten Curriculum for 2011-2012

Since I had some readers who enjoyed my previous homeschooling blog entries, I thought that I would share our homeschooling plans for next year for Luke. He is going to be 5 ½ when we start kindergarten in the Fall.

Here is what we are going to be using:

BIBLE – Daily, 20 minutes
Bible Truths K by Bob Jones University Press
This curriculum looks awesome. There are 15 units that cover the Bible start to finish. Each day you read Bible text, learn doctrinal truths, character traits, and catechism, sing songs, and pray. You also memorize 25 Scripture verses throughout the year. There is an activity book that goes along with some of the days and I will probably add some supplemental crafty things as Luke loves that.

READING – Daily, 20 minutes
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading by Peace Hill Press
We have been working on this book this year and we will just keep going where we are at. I highly recommend this book to teach your children how to read. We won't have a set lesson plan as we are working to master reading skills. If we have to work for 2 weeks on one lesson that is fine and if we get done with 2 lessons in one day that is fine.

SPELLING – Daily, 20 minutes
All About Spelling, Level 1 by Marie Rippel
This curriculum looks great. I looked and looked for a great spelling curriculum and most of them were just lists of words. This is an actual hands-on, mom works with the child, and they work for mastery, not memorization only. I think it will be a lot like the reading in that we will just be working at whatever pace we need to for Luke to fully get it.

HANDWRITING – Daily, 20 minutes
A Reason for Handwriting, Manuscript A
We are using Handwriting Without Tears K this year and I like it so the only reason I switched to A Reason for Handwriting is because each week you work toward writing a whole Scripture verse. By Friday he will have written the letters and words and be ready to write the whole thing. I think that is a great way to incorporate more Scripture. I am also hoping to have him memorize that week's Scripture verse.

MATH – Daily, 20 minutes
Horizons Math K and/or 1
We are using Horizons Math K right now and I love it. It has very colorful engaging worksheets. We will not finish it before next year starts because I am trying to not just zip through it as I really want him to understand the concepts. It will be like reading and spelling, going at our own pace. I would like to at least finish the K so that when we start 1st grade he will be working on or starting 1.

SCIENCE – 2 or 3 times a Week (alternating with SS), 20 minutes
The World God Make (K) by Christian Liberty Press
I am really excited about this curriculum. I looked at tons of options and to me they were all too much for a kindergartner. They will be great down the road, but I want to just introduce Luke to some general aspects of science at this age. The curriculum is all about Creation. As we go through each day of creation (AKA a unit), there will be Scripture reading, Bible verses to memorize, science projects to do, and activities. I think it will be a great introduction at this age.

SOCIAL STUDIES – 2 or 3 times a Week (alternating with Science), 20 minutes
History for Little Pilgrims by Christian Liberty Press
I felt the same way going through SS curriculum as I did science. I wanted something that focused on a general view of history. This is perfect. It starts with Creation and goes through history to our current time looking forward to Jesus' return. It has a good amount of information for a pretty simple book. Again, there are Bible verses and learning activities (including a cute coloring book). I think it will be a great start to history and geography.

ELECTIVES – Daily, 30 minutes
PIANO – 1 day a Week (Monday) – Alfred's Basic Piano All-in-One Book for Kids
Each week I will sit with Luke and review and teach him a lesson. Of course we can spend more time if he is having trouble with something. He will also be practicing during the week separate from our school day.
SPANISH – 1 day a Week (Wednesday) – Teach Them Spanish K by Frank Shaffer Publications
This is a great introduction to Spanish. We will learn greetings, numbers 1-10, colors, classroom objects, family members, food, clothing, and places.
ART - 2 days a Week (Tuesday and Friday or Thursday if we don't get into our CO-OP) – The World's Greatest Artists Unit Study by Erica (Homeschooling Blogger) - FREE TO DOWNLOAD
Luke absolutely loves art. He loves to create and he really enjoys looking through a book we have of art for children. I am hoping that this unit study will be fun and educational.

PE – Daily, 30-60 minutes
PE will be just being physical, whether it is a park playdate, a jump house playdate, a fastfood/playplace playdate, playing in the backyard, riding bikes, or focusing on a sport (basketball, baseball, football). If it is yucky outside and we don't have an indoor playdate planned, we will play the Wii or something.

CO-OP – Weekly (Thursdays) – 3 hours
We are registered for the waiting list of a great co-op in our area. They meet at a church and do chapel time and then there are two class times. The kids do two classes, moms serve one hour and a Bible study one hour, and they have nursery for Nathan. This would be a great way for Luke to maybe do a couple of different classes and meet some friends.

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