Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Tentative Schedule for Next Year

Yes, I am crazy scheduling fool. I just love having a schedule for my family and myself. It keeps things running smoothly knowing what is going to happen. I am always thinking of new schedules and ways to organize. Since I have been picking out and planning our homeschool next year so much, I have been working on a tentative schedule for next year.

Here is my plan as of now (of course it won't go perfectly and it is subject to change before then):

This also assumes Nathan is on 2 naps a day still (Luke was on 2 naps a day until 18 months)

7:00am – Ashley wakes up, showers, and gets ready
(If Luke is awake he will hang out in our room and watch cartoons)
7:30am – Ashley and Luke go downstairs and get breakfast ready
8:00am – Nathan wakes up and we all eat breakfast together
(clean up after)
8:30am – Boys play while Ashley does 1st floor chores
(THURSDAYS – Leave for CO-OP if we get in)
9:00am – Bathe boys; Get Nathan ready for the day; Luke gets ready
9:30am – Nathan goes down for a nap or plays for a little bit while Luke and Ashley do 2nd floor chores
10:00am – HOMESCHOOL TIME (Nathan is definitely down for a nap)

10:00am – Prayer and Pledges (American flag, Christian flag)
10:05am – Bible
10:30am – Reading
10:50am – Handwriting
11:10am – Spelling
11:30am – Math
11:50am – School is done; straighten up school room

12:00pm – Make and eat lunch together (clean up after)
(THURSDAYS – Done with CO-OP if we get in –
Eat lunch out or picnic)
12:30pm – Play outside with the boys (AKA PE for Luke)
2:00pm – HOMESCHOOL TIME (Nathan is down for a nap)

2:00pm – Science or Social Studies
2:20pm – Electives
(Piano Mondays, Art Tuesdays, Spanish Wednesdays,
Art Thursdays or Fridays (depending on CO-OP)
2:50pm – School is done; straighten up

3:00pm – Rest time for Luke and Ashley
4:00pm – Boys are up; Feed Nathan dinner and Luke snack
(eventually both will have snack)
4:30pm – Play
(5:00pm Wednesdays – Go to church)
5:30pm – Ashley cooks dinner
6:15pm – Family dinner time (clean up after)
6:45pm – Family playtime
7:00pm – Nathan bottle and get him ready for bed
7:45pm – Luke gets ready for bed
8:00pm – Both boys in bed;
Ashley exercises and takes a quick shower
9:00pm – Relax until bedtime
11:00pm – Be in bed

Once Nathan drops that morning nap, we will have to do some changes (perhaps if he is like Luke and naps 4 hours in the afternoon we will do all of our school then). I know it will all work out.

PS If we get into the CO-OP, we will just do reading, spelling, math, and handwriting 4 days a week (double up our last 2 lessons of handwriting into one day) and do Bible during our afternoon homeschool time.

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