Thursday, February 3, 2011

Division of Duties

I know that everyone has different households and families, so I thought it would be fun to see how you divide (or don't divide if you are single) your duties. Please give us a background: whether you are married or single, whether you work (part or full-time), whether you have kids (how many and ages), whether you homeschool or if your kids are in school and/or preschool, and anything else about your life that might give us a glimpse into your life.

We are married, I stay home full time, my husband works full time, we have two children (here with me) - boys, ages 5 and 4 months, I do preschool homeschool with our 5 year old, our newborn is on a 3 hour routine during the day and is formula fed, and we are pretty traditional in our household.

Let me start by saying that this is a general list of how we do things. My husband, Lee, will chip in anytime I need help and when I was pregnant carried a lot of the load.

Division of Duties:

Bringing Home the Bacon (LOL) - Lee works full-time and brings in all of our income. He is away from home about 50-55 hours a week so I try to take care of anything I can to make it nice when he gets home.

Meals - Lee doesn't cook (unless you count reheating food or PB&J), so I take care of the meals. I cook most nights (we say he cooks when he reheats food or we go out to eat LOL). We take turns making his lunch for work - if I have time, I make it.

Laundry - Generally speaking, I do the laundry. If I get behind, Lee will help me out. We all chip in on the sorting out and putting away.

Cleaning - Generally speaking, I do the cleaning. Again, if I get behind, Lee will help me out. For the last year Lee has taken care of scrubbing the showers and tubs. Everyone chips in on the straightening up and putting things away.

Grocery Shopping - We do this together. I generate our list (with Lee's input of course) and one or both of us goes shopping. Before I was pregnant I pretty much handled the grocery shopping, but when I couldn't carry stuff, Lee and I started going together or he would go. He knows what specific things we buy (ie Nature's Own Double Fiber Bread vs wheat bread).

Dishes - Generally speaking, I do the dishes. This is because I am home and do the breakfast and lunch dishes, and I clean as I cook so I wash dishes as I go. Lee and Luke clear the table and Lee will rinse and load, but I do the majority of the dishes, especially the scrubbing ones (pots and pans).

Nathan Feedings - Since I am home during the day, I do all of the feedings obviously. I do the 8:00pm since Lee is playing with Luke (this could change at some point). Lee does the late night feeding since I am usually in bed. If he requires a middle of the night feeding I do that one.

Kids' Baths - As of right now, I give Nathan a bath each night after his 8:00pm feeding and get him ready for bed. Lee gives Luke his bath. We try to sync it up so we are each getting one of the boys ready for bed at the same time.

Homeschool - I homeschool Luke. Down the road Lee will probably help with projects.

Vehicles - Lee takes care of the vehicles. He does the cleaning and washing and usually takes them in for maintanence (sometimes he does the maintanence himself). I will help him clean the van sometimes.

Yard - In general Lee takes care of the yard. Luke will eventually help as well.

Household Maintanence - Lee takes care of changing the air filters, changing the lightbulbs, building stuff, installing stuff, and fixing stuff.

Big Projects - We usually work on these together.

I can't think of anything else right now. I am really looking forward to seeing how you do things in your house/family.


  1. I figured I'd just copy your list

    We are married with 2 beautiful girls. 3 1/2 years and 3 months. My hubby works and I stay at home with our girls. I'm beginning to teach our 3 year old how to read and tell time.

    Division of Duties:

    Bringing Home the Bacon -My hubby works full time and goes to school full time.

    Meals - I attempt to cook. I'm not the best. My hubby likes to cook and try new things so when he feels like it I am lucky enough to get the night off. :) I also make his lunches for work.

    Laundry - I pretty much do the laundry. If I need help with the folding or anything he helps. He'll do the laundry if i need him too.

    Cleaning - I do the cleaning. Sadly not as much as I need to. Hubby helps if/when he can

    Grocery Shopping - I do this. It's my break from the house. Usually I try to go on his day off and go kiddo free.

    Dishes -It's a shared job. I do it most of the time. He will load/unload dishwasher if he notices it needs to be done. If he cooks a meal, he will wash the pots and pans he used.

    Baby Feedings - I'm EBF so it's all me!! :) He'll feed her if I'm out and about without her, obviously. but otherwise it's mommy's job.

    Kids' Baths - Bathing the baby is all me. Our oldest is a shared job. Just depends on if I'm busy nursing at that time.

    Homeschool - We are not homeschooling but I am working on some things with her.

    Vehicles - This is so the hubby! He does it all. I have not a clue about anything when it comes to cars. I just put gas in her and pay the registration.

    Yard - Hubby! I do however want to start a garden this spring. Veggies and I do want to plant some flower. I do not have a green thumb AT ALL

    Household Maintanence - Hubby

    Big Projects - We usually work on these together.

  2. Background: Married, 1 son (6.5 months) and we both work.

    Money: We both work about 40 hours a week and earn roughly the same pay.

    Meals: Steven cooks dinner every night. If we have a party of a special occasion dinner, we both prepare food together. We are each responsible for packing our own lunches.

    Laundry: I do all of the laundry - washing, sorting, folding and putting away. Steven sends his work shirts out to be cleaned and pressed so I almost never have to iron.

    Cleaning: We share cleaning responsibilities. We don't have a divided chore list. We just have set aside time to clean and divide the jobs that need to be done.

    Grocery Shopping: Usually Steven does this on his way home from work.

    Dishes: I do all the dishes and clean the kitchen counters after meals. If the dishwasher has dirty dishes in it, but it isn't full yet, it is expected that any dirty dishes from small meals/snacks go directly in the dishwasher.

    Luke Feedings: I nurse Luke first thing in the morning. On weekends when he is home with us, Steven feeds him rice cereal for breakfast and I feed him vegetables for dinner. Whoever is available gives him his bottles throughout the day.

    Bath: Steven gives Luke his bath, typically while I finish up in the kitchen.

    School/Childcare: Right now Luke is too young for school, but in the future we plan for him to attend preschool and public school. He stays with Steven's grandmother for childcare. Steven drops him off in the morning and he is picked up by whoever leaves work first.

    Vehicles: We are each responsible for taking our own car for maintanence. We do no vehicle work/repairs at home.

    Yard: Steven mows the yard. Bigger projects - planting a garden, spreading mulch - we do together.

    Household Maintanence: Steven handles most of this stuff, but our house is new (10ish years old) so it doesn't need much attention.

    Big Projects: We are both big fans of DIY so we do lots of projects, some together some solo. We have a woodshop out back where Steven likes to build furniture. I like to make art/decor projects. Really big things like painting rooms or selecting furniture we do together.

  3. Background:
    Our situation is kind of unique. We both work outside the home, but my husband's job is not a regular 9-5. He's in food and beverage management, so one week he works from 10ish - dinner time and then next week he works from 3ish - closing time. I work a regular 9-5.

    Bringing Home the Bacon - Both of us bring home pretty equal bacon :-)

    Meals - I cook, just because I prefer it. He pitches in on his "early" week, but I kind of like meal planning and cooking, so I do it mostly.

    Laundry - We both do the laundry - although since I've been pregnant, he seems to do a little more than me. Not really sure why that is - it's just worked out that way.

    Cleaning - Joint effort.

    Grocery Shopping - 99% me and Kendall...we actually really like going - she gets into holding the list and picking her one treat for the week. I'm just starting with couponing, so it's fun.

    Dishes - If it's dishwasher related, me. If something is going to be hand washed - him.

    Baby Feedings - We'll see how that goes when our baby arrives in July. With Kendall, we bottle fed, so it was a shared thing. I'm going to try to breastfeed this time (I actually tried last time, too and my milk never came in so that was a no go...and extremely frustrating).

    Kids' Baths - Shared. Here lately Kendall has been into playing with Barbies in the bathtub, which is something I remember doing as a kid, so I've been all about goofing off with her in the tub.

    Homeschool - Kendall goes to preschool twice/week and we both try to reinforce things that she is learning at home.

    Vehicles - Definitely James. I will put gas in it or run it through a touchless car wash, but that's about it.

    Yard - That's James, too.

    Household Maintanence - If it's extremely simple - light bulbs for example - James. But, unfortunately my sweet husband is not gifted in the areas of small repairs, so truthfully it's generally one of our dads coming over to help out.

    Big Projects - Both of the organizing of closets that we've undertaken recently.