Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moms Don't Get Sick Days

Well the inevitable has happened...every year right around or after my birthday, I get sick. I know having a February birthday sets me up for a higher liklihood, but it is so weird how it always hits. Last year I was sick as a dog (what does that even mean really?) because I was pregnant and didn't know it yet. The first year Lee and I were together for my birthday I remember getting sick in his car before he left to go back to Raleigh (I lived in Boone). It's just so strange to me how it always happens. This year it started as a cough, then a little tingle in my chest, and now I am pretty sure it's an upper respiratory infection coupled with being a woman if you know what I mean.

Well anyways...moms don't get sick days. When you stay home full-time you especially don't get sick days. There are still the absolutes that have to get done. For some reason, kids still want to eat even when you are sick. They still need to be entertained (even if from the TV) and talked to periodically (LOL!). They still need baths and hygiene taken care of. If you have an infant, they still need feedings and interaction every 3 hours.

When my husband is sick, he calls into work, gets in the bed, sleeps until he feels better, and has a lovely nurse to take care of him (that would be me). He gets better pretty quickly because he is doing what he should be doing, resting and hydrating. Same for kids. Moms and dads wait on them, love on them, give them medicines, and do everything they can to make them get better. I feel like I am usually sick about a week or more because I don't take the day off to rest and hydrate.

If only there was a service for moms when they are sick. Maybe I am on to something here???

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  1. you could be a millionaire if you figured out a service to step in when moms got sick! :)