Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grocery Budget

Before I became an organized homemaker, I never had any sort of grocery budget. We ate out a lot and when I did cook it was pretty much, go to the store and buy what we needed for a meal and spend whatever. There was no planning to it. Once Lee and I sat down and created a real family budget (roughly the time we were moving into our new home), we came up with a goal for each month for various categories. One of our biggest ones was groceries. We came up with $450 a month. Since Nathan has been born, we have had to buy formula and baby food (well once he wasn't nursing and started on solids) so that has increased our budget (thankfully we got a ton of diapers and wipes from our baby showers). I am crunching the numbers to figure out what our new grocery budget should be until he goes off of formula. I am thinking of trying to keep it at $500.

I am wondering,

1) Do you have a grocery budget for your family?

2) What is it (if you are willing to share)?

3) What does that cover (ie how many family members, ages, specifics – like do you do lots of fresh stuff and/or organic or do you buy baby supplies)?


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  1. Hey Ashley,

    Our family has a grocery budget. I have two part-time jobs from home. One pays for the car insurance and one pays for the groceries. Our budget is $90 a week. I get paid weekly and shop weekly. This includes a husband whom takes his lunch every day, wife and 3 year old. We rarely eat out (maybe 2 a week). So this covers 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners. All food, personal products, and house hold products com out of this budget. We also have food allergies in our house (lactose and yellow food die). So this means extra milk and mostly easy prepared box food (mostly organic).

    Thanks for sharing your budget and details. Love you blog...keep it up.