Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Summer Routine

Summers are our busiest time of year right now (I am sure that will change once we get deep into homeschooling). We love going to the pool which a huge production (bathing suits, towels, sunscreen application, toys, snacks, coolers, showers) – you know the deal. We love doing the $1.00 movies. We love to hit the park when it is cool. We love cookouts. We love going to the beach as much as possible (lots of packing and unpacking). It's all fun, but it can also be exhausting not to mention get us all off of our schedule, so I like to try really hard to have a consistent routine as much as possible. I've been working hard to come up with a routine for the summer. This summer is different because we are homeschooling through the summer because we had a ton of setbacks this year. I am going to aim to do school 4 days a week and have a completely free day, but I definitely have to do school at least 2 days. I am also planning to read the Bible in 90 days so that will take an hour a day.

Here's our routine:

7:00am – I wake up and do my morning things before the kids wake up (get dressed, brush teeth, and straighten up a bit)
7:30am – Luke wakes up and we eat breakfast together
8:00am – Nathan wakes up and eats breakfast
8:30am – Free play (cartoons, boys play) and I straighten up the 1st floor
9:30am – Give Nathan a bath and get him ready for the day (Luke gets ready for the day and does his morning chores)
10:00am – Nathan goes down for a morning nap
10:00am – Morning snack and Luke and I do school
11:00am – I finish up my chores for the day
12:00pm – Nathan wakes up and we all eat lunch
12:30pm – Open for whatever (pool, playdate, etc)
2:00pm – Naptime for the boys (I do Bible study, read, relax)
4:00pm – Boys wake up; Snack for Luke; Dinner for Nathan
4:30pm – Open for whatever (pool, errands, just play, etc)
5:30pm – Cook dinner (unless something is in the crockpot – my hope for the summer is to cook that way as much as possible)
6:00pm – Dinner
6:30pm – Family play time
7:00pm – Get boys ready for bed (http://organizedhomemaking.blogspot.com/2011/05/bedtime-routines-for-kids.html)
8:00pm – Boys' bedtime
8:00pm – Workout and shower
9:00pm – Read the Bible
10:00pm – Relax with Lee until bed

With Nathan taking morning naps, I probably won't deviate from his schedule too often, but we will probably try to do a pool playdate or a $1.00 movie once a week or something so we have more time and he will hopefully take a longer nap in the afternoon. We will see how it goes.

I love seeing people's routines. Please share yours if you feel so led. J

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