Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Make Cleaning Easier

Cleaning is definitely one of those things that a lot of people do not enjoy. I am a little weird in the fact that I do enjoy it. It helps me relax and when I look at what I've accomplished it gives me a lot of satisfaction. I know that I am not the norm, so I wanted to share some great tips that I have found to help immensely.

I would guess that one of the reasons most people don't like cleaning is because they have to lug out all of the supplies and drag them all over the house and that is exhausting and time-consuming. Well, I have a system that works really well to save time and my back.

In each bathroom, under the sink, I have the following:
Bathroom and/or all-purpose cleaning wipes
Glass cleaner
Paper towels

These are there for those twice-a-week (more or less depending on how clean you want it) wipe downs. You can just take out a few wipes and wipe down the counters, sinks, and toilets. Then you spray the mirror and clean it and wipe up any water with the paper towels. Your bathroom looks clean with a couple of minutes of effort. Plus when you go to do you weekly cleaning, it won't have as much build up.

Next, I keep a daily shower cleaner in the shower. You just spray this once a day after everyone has showered. My husband does it as he showers at night and I usually shower sometime during the day. Again like the wipes, doing this keeps the shower from building up a lot of soap scum. It takes a few seconds.

Now for my weekly cleaning (ie dusting, carpet spot cleaning, and deep bathroom cleaning), I have these handy little tote that I picked up at Target for a few dollars.

In it I keep:
Dust wipes
A swiffer duster
Polishing/dusting spray
Carpet spot cleaner
Air freshener
Toilet bowl cleaner
Toilet bowl brush
All-purpose cleaner
A sponge
Soft scrub
A big scrubber
A little scrubber
A cup

This is great because everything I need is in one handy tote. I keep this in my 2nd pantry where I house all my cleaning and personal care items. I just carry it around when I need to do my weekly deeper cleaning. I never have to go looking for something because I know it will be in there and if I run out of something I can grab it out of the storage closet when I am done with it for the day.

When Lee and I moved into our new house (which has 3 floors), I asked him if we could get a couple of inexpensive vacuums to put on the extra floors so that I wouldn't have to lug it up and down 2 flights of stairs. After doing research, I found this Dirt Devil for under $50. It is very lightweight and has all the tools I need to vacuum. If buying multiple vacuums isn't in your budget, I recommend having as lightweight a vacuum that does a good job as possible to save your back.
I did the same thing with these awesome stick vacs by Dirt Devil. It works as a stick vac which makes my daily (or twice daily) vacuum of the kitchen a snap. You can remove the stick to make it a dustbuster.

I highly recommend Swiffer products. Once I started couponing, I got these at a great deal and they have tons of coupons for the refills in the packaging. I like to keep one of them on each floor as well.

I believe that these tips can help someone who loves to clean and someone who loathes cleaning. I hope they help you. :)

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