Monday, January 11, 2010

What is Organized Homemaking All About?

Organized Homemaking came about from my own trials and errors in the homemaking world. I met my husband at 18, married him at 21, became a full-time homemaker at 22, and a mom at almost 23. To say my life was in warp speed is an understatement. To make things more interesting, I was raised by a full-time working single mother so a lot of the domestic duties had to be self taught. After a couple of years of crumbly meatloaf, wrinkled clothes (that is if any were clean), and sheer frustration at my failed attempts to be a "perfect housewife", I started researching books, websites, and anything I could get my hands on as to how to be a better homemaker.

I am definitely not Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, or June Cleaver, but I feel I have found a lot of tips and tools of the homemaking trade that make my life and the lives of my husband and son much more organized. I don't make duck a l'orange or creme brulee, but my family has a tasty, healthy dinner on the table most nights. I don't steam and press all of our clothes, but everyone has something clean to wear and knows where to find it each morning. I don't have an immaculate home, but it is clean, organized, and presentable when we have people over. I don't spend hours clipping coupons and driving all over town for deals on groceries, but I have a very simple system for grocery shopping that saves my family money and keeps our cupboards full.

I want to share what I have learned and implemented over the past few years with people. My hope is that you will see how easy it is to save money on groceries, cook simple yet satisfying meals for your family, and keep a clean and organized home without spending hours cleaning all day. I really hope you enjoy the blog.


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