Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teaching Couponing on My Blog

Hey Everyone!

After much prayer and thought, I have decided to attempt to teach couponing on my blog. I am really hoping it is as effective as teaching in a real class would be. I have found that most people are so busy nowadays and a lot of my friends and blog readers don't live locally, that coming to a class is not always an option. So, I will be starting to blog the "class" on here. The label for the posts will be "Couponing - How To" and/or specific to the store (ie "Couponing - Kroger") if you want to see all of the posts in one place.

I have a lot of material to cover, so I am going to be breaking it down into pieces. I am also requesting that if you have specific questions that you leave them in the comment section of that post or email me at You might want to become a follower so that you get updates sent to your email account whenever I post.

I really hope this works. Please feel free to give me any feedback as far as readability, understanding, and questions specific to couponing. I really enjoy having interaction with my readers. You guys are awesome!


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