Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Home Project

I don't know if any of you are like me, but around Spring, we do a lot of projects. Well without fail, my mind started churning on Sunday afternoon. We had had a lovely morning – went to church, went out to lunch at our usual spot, and were home unwinding a bit (or so we thought).

Ever since we moved into our house, it has been pretty chaotic. The month we moved in I got pregnant and a couple weeks after finding out (Thanksgiving Day), I miscarried. Then we had CHRISTmas, Luke's birthday, my birthday, and a couple weeks later we found out we were pregnant again (this time with twins). I couldn't do much in the way of projects since I could barely do laundry and keep the house clean from sickness and hugeness down the road. Then we had the babies and had to deal with the loss of Alexis and the overwhelming tasks of having a newborn again. It's been a crazy couple of years to say the least. Well now that we are settled into our home somewhat and things are getting more settled as far as a routine goes, I am in project mode.

How our house is currently:
We have a three story home with 5 bedrooms, a bonus room, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. We use the master bedroom, we have an office in the smallest room right next to our master bedroom, we have a nursery for Nathan, we have an empty room next to Nathan's bedroom (that has an adjoining bathroom) that used to be the guest bedroom, and we have Luke in the bedroom on the 3rd floor. We use the bonus room as a multipurpose room – homeschool, craft/scrapbook, exercise (well it houses the exercise stuff J), and playroom. That room has always felt cluttered to me since we have so many purposes not to mention the amount of stuff (toys, homeschool stuff, craft stuff, a TV cart, an elliptical).

Well I had the "brilliant" idea of putting Luke into the 2nd floor bedroom that used to be a guest bedroom. Nathan will eventually move in there if we have anymore children (the nursery is going to be a nursery until we are done having children – it's neutral and we have a nice setup in that room). I figured 1) they could share the room (Luke's bed can be bunk beds) or 2) Nathan just takes the room and we deal with it then. We are painting the room the same color as Luke's current bedroom and moving him and his stuff down there.

Luke's current bedroom will become the homeschool and craft room. We are going to put the big homeschool table, a desk with a computer, a keyboard, and some shelves with all the homeschool and craft stuff in there. Then the bonus room will be solely a playroom. The great thing is that Nathan and future children can be playing in a big room while Luke and I (and future children) are homeschooling semi-privately. Plus, Luke and Nathan will share the double bathroom giving me one less tub to scrub. J I also like this because Luke can have his room and some toys in there to play with while I am cleaning or doing laundry on the 2nd floor.

I really believe it will be nice. Once it is all done and everything is somewhat organized, I will take pictures and share.

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