Monday, March 14, 2011

Homeschooling – Teaching Reading

My friend, Vicky, gave me the best book for teaching reading to our children. It's called Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. It is an amazing, simple book that you follow that tells you exactly how to teach them to read. I love it because it teaches the "right way". You learn the short vowel sounds, then the consonant sounds, then focus on each short vowel sound making three-letter words (think cat, jet, hit, dog, mud) as well as some sight words (think the, a, I), and then you move on to more advanced reading.

I love it because it literally says, "Say this…then this. The kid should say this." It's really good for someone who is overwhelmed with the how-to of teaching. You use note cards and magnetic letters. It's really actually fun, too.

Luke and I are doing it kind of slow (3 lessons a week) because I want him to be a really good reader. I am going for quality not quantity. So far he can knows all letter sounds and some sight words and can read short a words and short e words. I am really impressed with this book. I just wanted to share.

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