Monday, March 21, 2011

Meal Plan Monday – March 21st

I am working on sticking to a meal plan for my family. Last week went okay. Tuesday night I couldn't make Chicken Barley because I was out of baby carrots. Instead I made Chicken Stuffing Pie. Saturday and Sunday we ended up going out to eat for various reasons. I am really trying to work on only eating out one night a week unless something big comes up. Hopefully this week we will stick to it. Please share yours as well.

Here is the meal plan for the week of March 21st - March 27th:

Monday –
Baked Ziti

Garlic Bread
Peanut Butter Cookies

Tuesday –
Leftover Baked Ziti
Garlic Bread
Leftover Peanut Butter Cookies

Wednesday –
Dinner at Church – Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies

Thursday –
Out to Eat with Family

Friday –
Go out to eat

Saturday –
Maple Glazed Chicken

Sunday -
Salisbury Steak
Mashed Potatoes

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