Monday, March 14, 2011

Meal Plan Monday – March 14th

I've decided to bring back Meal Plan Monday as I am trying to be better about planning out our meals for the week (and sticking to it). I've always struggled with this area of homemaking, not that I don't cook most nights, but just planning out the menu for the week.

Here is the meal plan for the week of March 14th-March 20th:

Monday –
Chicken Parmesan
Garlic Bread
Chocolate Chess Pie (recipe & pictures to come)

Tuesday –
Chicken Barley (recipe & pictures to come)
Leftover Chocolate Chess Pie

Wednesday –
Dinner at Church – Chicken Salad & Fruit Salad

Thursday –
Spaghetti (Recipe only - sorry)

Friday –
Go out to eat

Saturday –
Italian Balsamic Chicken (Recipe only - sorry)

Sunday -
Salisbury Steak

Mashed Potatoes


  1. I forgot to write, what are your meal plans for the week?

  2. This time of year we always start our salad diet. Chicken salads with a veggie or fruit each night. Yes it can get boring but easy to plan and clean up.

  3. I've got a menu for the month right now. Trying not to do similar things two to three days near one another. That is daunting sometimes. This week we have (M-Sun) homemade pepperoni calzones, ravioli, four cheese chicken and pasta, chili in bread bowls, lasagna, sausage calzones, chicken sandwiches. We love our cheese! Hope you are able to stick to your menu! One other thing I have done in the past is post a list of the things I plan to fix in a week, and let Wes pick what we have off the list each week. If he doesn't choose or doesn't care, then I choose! Good luck!

  4. Danise, That sounds interesting. I wish I could do more salads. My boys don't eat salads.

    Chrissy, That's a great plan. Those meals sound great also. Would you be up for sharing?

  5. Is there one in particular you'd like? It is all EASY stuff!