Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Clean Out Your Vehicle

I have to say that my van is the one area of my life that I don't keep as clean as I would like. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I only have two hands and I grab the key things like purse and kid. My son also leaves a lot of stuff in there from his toys to books to papers from church to snacks that don't make it in his mouth.

When it comes time to clean it, it can be a pretty big task as I don't do it every week like I should. Here's how I clean it.

First, I go through and get out all the stuff. I collect it into a bag or box.

Second, I collect all the trash and put it in the trash bag I keep in my car and take the full trash bag out and put it in the can.

Third, I shake out all the mats and put them on the ground.

Fourth, I vacuum every crevice until there is no trace of food, trash, or lint. I also vacuum the mats.

Fifth, I take a Lysol wipe and wipe out the cup holders and wipe down the dash and all the hard spots.

Sixth, I use glass cleaner on all of the mirrors and windows.

Last, I put back what we want to keep in the car and put the other stuff in the box back in the house where it goes. I also put in a fresh trashbag. I might spray some Febreeze for good measure.

I hope this helps!

PS Sorry I didn't post for a couple of days. :)

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