Monday, February 8, 2010

How Do You Organize Coupons?

This is the method that I highly recommend as it is easy to use and once you set it up, it doesn’t take much time to maintain.

The Binder System:

Supplies You Will Need:
Zippered 3-ring binder
Sheet protectors
Baseball card pages
Index tabs

I also recommend keeping a pen and a little pad of paper/notebook (to write down the deals you want to get), scissors (for cutting your coupons), and a credit card sized calculator (to aid in figuring out the deals) in your binder.

This is the "Check Out" page protector. As you are using coupons in the store, you can put them in this protector so when you get to the checkout all of the coupons you are going to use are there.
This is the "This Week" page protector. You can put your individual baggies/envelopes in this protector for the upcoming week. You could also use it to put coupons that are getting ready to expire so you can look at the store to see if they are worth using.

This is the "Re-File" page protector. This is great if you carry the binder into the store and pull coupons and don't want to put them back where you found them right then.

How to Make It:
In the sheet protector put a piece of cardstock that tells the category.
Use an index tab with the category listed on the edge of the sheet protector so you can flip to it quickly.
Put baseball card pages behind the sheet protector for your coupons.
Put your coupons in.

Another recommendation is to keep Ziploc baggies or envelopes labeled with each store you frequent to put your coupons in. You can just take that into the store if you don’t want to bring in the big binder.

By product type?
By aisle?
Pick a method based on how your brain works.You can have as many categories as you want or as few as you want, it’s up to you.


Condiments, Sauces, Marinades, Dressings
Pasta, Rice, Potatoes
Beans, Veggies, Canned Meats
Canned Fruit
Fruit Snacks
Salty Snacks
Sweet Snacks
Cereal and Oats
Other Breakfast (poptarts, cereal bars, etc)
Breakfast Mixes
Baking Mixes
Baking Needs (oils, flours, sugars, spices, etc)
Dairy (milk, eggs, yogurt)
Deli Meat and Cheese
Refrigerated (biscuits, doughs, etc)
Frozen Fruits
Frozen Meats and Meals
Frozen Sides and Veggies
Frozen Desserts
Tooth Care (pastes, brushes, floss, etc)
Face Care (cleaners, toners, moisturizers, etc)
Soaps/Body washes
Hair Care (shampoos, conditioners, stylers, etc)
Shaving (creams, razors, etc)
Feminine Products
Baby Care Products
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Laundry Care
Dish Care
Air Fresheners
Storage (baggies, foils, paper cups, etc)
Office Supplies (batteries, lightbulbs, office stuff, etc)

* Use any category you like, more or less, it’s your binder.

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