Thursday, February 25, 2010

Save to Spend

I know that the name of my post sounds funny, but let me explain. I am all about saving money anywhere that I can, on groceries, eating out, holidays, vacations, clothes, and anything else I can find a way to save money on. A lot of people wonder, "Why are you so into saving money?"

Well, I can tell you that one of those reasons is to spend it. :) I know that sounds funny, but here's my logic. If I would have had to spend $80 on groceries, but I because I couponed and matched them to sales, I spent $10, I have "$70". I put quotes around it because I don't actually carry out $70 or necessarily see that in overflow in my budget, but the money we have leftover at the end of the month (which praise the Lord we do now and don't have to dip into savings), can be used for things we really want to do.

When we didn't budget and coupon and save money, we never had any money left over at the end of the month and at times we dipped into our savings to break even. Now, we are able to save some money each month. I would love for it to be more and that rests a lot on me (which actually makes me happy because I can do things to have more money), but either way, having leftover is great.

We can save it for big things that will come up, or we can occassionally use it for fun things we want to do like vacations or special treats like the Circus, where we are going tonight. It is fun to take money I would have wasted on something I still was able to get but for much less money and spend it on something fun for the family.

I would love to hear comments as to what you would like to do with your savings. :)

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