Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cleaning the Powder Room

I started a series a long time ago on how to clean each individual room. I am going to pick that back up now and hope to keep it up until each room is done.

Today's room is the powder room or the bathroom that guests use when they come over. In this case I am going to assume it just has a sink, toilet, and mirror.

Here is how I detail clean my guest bathroom:

Step #1 - I take everything off of the surfaces (toilet paper rolls, tissue box, soap dispenser, etc).

Step #2 - I put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet (that way it starts working while I clean other things).

Step #3 - I spray bathroom (or all purpose) cleaner all over the sink and toilet.

Step #4 - I use the toilet bowl brush to scrub the toilet bowl and surrounding areas.

Step #5 - I take a sponge and scrub the sink and toilet until it is sparkling.

Step #6 - I use glass cleaner and a paper towel and clean the mirror. I take the somewhat used paper towels and wipe dry the sink and toilet to make it useable and look even cleaner.

Step #7 - I refill everything (soap, tissues, toilet paper, etc) and change the hand towel.

Step #8 - I empty the trash.

Step #9 - I sweep and vacuum the floor.

Step #10 - I mop the floor.

Cleaning the powder room is really important because this is where people will be using the bathroom when the visit your home. I like to keep an eye on this room throughout the week and if I notice it looks dirty, I will run a Lysol wipe on the sink and toilet and use some glass cleaner and paper towels to clean the mirror. I also like to empty the trash as needed (especially if I know people are coming over). I like to keep it fully stocked and even like to keep feminine hygiene products in there in case a guest needs it.

I would love to hear how you clean your powder room.

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