Friday, January 21, 2011

Finer Things

I just saw a great post on a blog that I read. It was called "Finer Things." It wasn't referencing classic literature or fancy meals or china and crystal, it was talking about the things in life that may seem small but really make life great. I am going to attempt to write a list of 100 (like the lady on her blog did). I challenge you to do the same thing. The other day I read a quote that said, "Enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big
by Robert Brault.

  1. The smell of a baby
  2. The smell and feel of warm, clean laundry
  3. The smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies
  4. The smell of my husband
  5. My husband's arms around me while I sleep
  6. The laughter of my son
  7. A good, crisp apple in Fall
  8. The smell of Fall air
  9. Sleeping late
  10. Going to bed early
  11. Rocking a baby on your chest
  12. Grandma Reid's homemade vegetable soup on a cold (especially rainy) day
  13. Our decorated CHRISTmas tree
  14. Hymns on Sunday morning (or any day of the week)
  15. A nice hot shower
  16. Fun mail (like letters or cards from loved ones)
  17. The look of satisfaction on my son's face when he does something great
  18. Hearing children pray or talk about Jesus
  19. A brand new Bible
  20. A brand new book (I love that smell)
  21. Finding a good deal
  22. Sparkling cider toast on New Year's Eve
  23. Kissing my husband on New Year's Eve (or any day)
  24. My sons' smile
  25. Hearing "momma"
  26. Hearing "I love you"
  27. Snow
  28. The excitement on CHRISTmas Eve and Day
  29. The new car smell
  30. When dinner is ready the second Lee walks in the door
  31. Saturday morning breakfast
  32. Movie theater popcorn
  33. Ice cream in the summer at Sunni Sky's
  34. Snuggling under a blanket with loved ones
  35. Going to the Farmer's Market in the summer
  36. Picking fresh strawberries
  37. Going to the pumpkin patch
  38. Hayrides in the Fall
  39. That feeling in your stomach on an amusement park ride
  40. A nice back rub (or any massage)
  41. The way your hair feels after a hair cut (all fresh and perfect – for a few minutes at least)
  42. Grass under your feet in the summer
  43. The first time you get in the pool in the summer
  44. Looking at the ocean and feeling God's majesty
  45. Looking at the mountains and feeling God's majesty
  46. Blaring music in the car and driving down the highway (especially with the windows down)
  47. Date nights (whether they are in PJs on the couch with a movie or out to a nice dinner)
  48. Watching kids enjoy their first birthday cake
  49. Blowing out candles and making a wish on your birthday
  50. The way New Year feels (like a fresh start)
  51. Opening a present
  52. When someone helps you bring your groceries to the car
  53. The smile of a stranger
  54. A home-cooked meal brought to you in a time of need
  55. A phone call when you need it
  56. When your husband picks up pizza and doesn't make you cook
  57. Shopping at Lifeway Christian store by myself
  58. When all the laundry is caught up and the baskets are empty
  59. Fresh sheets on the bed
  60. Staying in a hotel and having someone else make the bed and straighten up behind you
  61. The way the floor looks right after it's swept or vacuumed
  62. Holding hands with my husband
  63. Hugs
  64. A good piece of pie (cherry or apple please)
  65. Staying in PJs all day
  66. Having just enough space to fit stuff
  67. A sleeping baby/child
  68. Willow Tree figurines
  69. Vera Bradley bags
  70. Watching home movies and/or looking at photo albums/scrapbooks
  71. Making a scrapbook
  72. Telling stories about the past and laughing
  73. Surprising someone (or being surprised)
  74. Coloring with kids
  75. Playing with playdoh with kids
  76. Baking all day
  77. Cooking a meal and everyone loving it (especially when they get 2nds or 3rds even)
  78. Sweet tea from Bojangles
  79. When people remember I don't like ice in my drinks
  80. Treating someone to a meal
  81. Writing a note to someone
  82. CHRISTmas photo cards (I love seeing pictures of people's family)
  83. Going to the park in the Spring
  84. Getting a project done
  85. Marking things off a to-do list
  86. Great upbeat music during a workout
  87. Being done with a workout ;)
  88. When Luke makes me a picture or card
  89. When Lee handwrites me a note
  90. Going on vacation
  91. When Lee is off work for 2 weeks at CHRISTmas
  92. Hot cocoa in the winter
  93. Trying a new recipe and it being a success
  94. Tickle fights
  95. Running through the sprinkler
  96. Sledding
  97. Finding an old friend on Facebook
  98. When Lee says "How can I help you?"
  99. Purple
  100. Butterflies

YAY! I did it. Can't wait to see yours. Email me at if you do it and feel like sharing.

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