Sunday, January 23, 2011

Target Baby Deals

People always say, "Babies are so expensive. The formula, the diapers, the wipes, the baby food." I used to think that as well until I learned the art of couponing. The cool thing is that you can get coupons and check vouchers for all brands of formula. You just sign up and they send you free samples at first and then monthly coupons and check vouchers. It's really neat. The best part is that you can use coupons and checks together. Even better, if you get a Target coupon you can "stack" coupons and check vouchers for crazy savings.

So today I grouped my Target coupons with my manufacturer coupons and check vouchers and went stockpiling.

I got a total of 800oz formula (like once it is mixed with water - roughly a month's supply - roughly 4cents per ounce - roughly $1.00 a day), 31 diapers, 500 wipes, and a giant bottle of J&J baby wash:

All of that would have cost $144.57.
I had $40.25 in coupon savings.
I had $50.00 in check vouchers.
It cost $54.32 (saved 62%).

The best part was that I had a gift card for the entire amount because we had to return diapers he already outgrew. So it was all free. YAY!!!

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  1. That is a great deal but don't you find you have troubled baby bellies by switching formulas like that? I find that I have to stick with one brand or my baby girl gets gassy.