Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Organized Bottle Cleaning and Making

One of my big tasks that I get to do each day is pump, store milk, make bottles, feed bottles, and wash bottles. I was pumping every time Nathan would have eaten but I have cut down to 3 times a day now. I am eventually going to stop altogether, but for now I am getting enough to put 2 oz in each bottle (he takes roughly 4-5 oz in total).

Here is how I do it:

I only wash and make bottles once a day so as I use bottles and pumping supplies, I rinse them and put them in the left side of my sink.

I scrub them down with dish soap and a bottle brush and put them in the right side of the sink (I put a stopper in to make sure the nipples don't go down the drain.

I rinse them and put them on the bottle drying racks.

I put the milk in a measuring cup (so I can wash the pump bottles).

I line up all the empty bottles to fill with breastmilk.

I fill all of the bottles with 2oz each.

Here's what they look like when I am done. I then put 2 in the mini fridge in our room (for middle of the night feedings) and the rest in the main fridge in the kitchen.

When it is time to make a bottle, I have water and formula on the counter.

I add the water and formula.

Feeding time :)

I know it seems like a lot of work pumping, storing, making bottles, feeding bottles, and washing bottles, but it is worth it to give Nathan every ounce of my milk that I can for as long as I can.

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  1. Girl this is very impressive. Good for you. I hate pumping and only do it for backup purposes. Your son is a lucky boy.