Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trouble Spot

So no matter how organized I am, I always have a trouble spot that seems to pop up here and there. The trouble spot is a place that clutter just seems to accumulate.

For our family that spot is the cedar chest behind our couch in the living room. It is in the walkway to our kitchen and for some reason clutter just seems to find a home there and likes to stay for a while.

Mail, magazines, books, receipts, coupon inserts, paperwork, arts and crafts, homeschool papers, and other random things just seem to end up there. I need to work on keeping it clutter free since all of our family's board games are in there and I hate to have to move stuff to get to the game or say no when Luke asks to play one. I am going to really work on keeping it clutter free.

What is your trouble spot?

What are your plans to keep it clutter free?


  1. Trouble spot? Our kitchen island. It collects everything and since it's front and center in our kitchen and great room, I need to work on a better system too. We have beautiful slab granite counters but you can't see them because there's papers, purses, toys and random stuff all over. Hate it!

  2. One of our kitchen counters...starts with mail and then it goes downhill from there.